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How the experience with Siri would differ if you had less privilege or different physical infrastructure.

April 13 — April 19, 2020

📊Evaluative research Presentation

This week we presented our evaluative stage presentation. We worked on our presentation flow from Saturday, so we were able to be better prepared for the presentation. The following is the link to our third presentation.

An unbalanced trade-off between technology and data

Data visualization on dogs living in Pittsburgh

✔️ Research question

What is the question you aim to investigate through the data you collected?

What types of relationship exists between the licensed dogs of Pittsburgh and the residents living in the area?

✔️ Analyzing Data

1. Primary datasets

<Zip code data >

of Interaction Design Studio project [Virtual Assistant for Ikea]

🔷 Brief introduction of the project

Jiyoung Ohn

MDes Candidate at Carnegie Mellon University

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